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Venom Diabolos .Vn.Bl DX Starter (B-145) Unboxing & Review! - Beyblade Burst GT/Rise

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We've been super anxious waiting to unbox this SICK Bey, Venom Diabolos! Venom Diabolos is used by Delta Akane, who reminds us of Shu Kurenai a little bit! What do you BBGs think of his character?

Diabolos comes with two bases, allowing you to battle with Venom Diabolos or Erase Diabolos. Venom is right spin and and Erase is left spin. This is the first GT Bey to be released with a stock right and left spin ability. This is also the first GT release with a gachi/gatinko chip that has an integrated Layer Weight. It doesn't stop there, because the Bullet Driver is the first in Beyblade Burst GT to have a design that separates and acts as its own part that can attack your opponent (serving a similar purpose to Revive Phoenix/Dead Phoenix). Once the bottom portion separates from the main body of the Driver, Venom Diabolos is left with a long stick-like Driver that's pretty tall and prone to being knocked over. Hopefully the mini-Bey from the Bullet Driver will help out lots during the battle!

What do you BBGs think of this new Bey?! Do you like the new gimmick or do you think it's too unreliable? Overall, we think it's really fun to use even if it's not as effective as Revive Phoenix's armour. Should we get the limited edition from the World Hobby Fair?

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