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[FREE] Future x Ufo361 Type Beat 2019 ⚡️ Stay High ⚡️ | Rap/Trap Instrumental

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✘Free For Non-Profit only
✘The Free Beat downloads are not eligible for Spotify, Apple Music or any other streaming services.
✘You may only use them without monetization on Youtube or Soundcloud.
✘Must Credit Prod. by XarBeats
✘For-Profit a License must be purchased

BPM: 165

Hey, I´m Xar. On this channel I upload mostly Hip Hop and RNB. I make Type Beats and Instrumentals with the sound of various Artists including my own style of Beats. I try my best to deliver a unique sound even on Type Beats to stay inspired within the process. All Beats uploaded on this Channel, as well as the free Beat downloads are mixed and mastered commercially loud for showcase purpose only. All WAV. Files that come with the purchase of a license are mixed but unmastered to provide the highest possible Audio File Quality for your Engineer to work with.

[FREE] Future x Ufo361 Type Beat 2019 ⚡️ Stay High ⚡️ | Rap/Trap Instrumental
#Future #Ufo361 #typebeat

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